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By making this objective and qualified information available, RESOLIS intends to contribute to the knowledge base of social and humanitarian action, to encourage work between associations and inspire research projects

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Logo - Auberfabrik

The "Factory Garden" in Aubervilliers: an associative garden

The Auberfabrik association is developing artistic and ecological activities in the "Factory Garden" since 2010 on the principles of permaculture and "garden in motion", and organises meetings with the residents in order to facilitate a social bond.

Published on jeudi 21 mars 2019 00:00

Logo - Le Rocher Oasis des Cités

Le Rocher: adults living on social housing estates to stimulate young people's lives

Employees and volunteers of the association "Le Rocher" ("The Rock") build relationships with children from several social housing estates by playing with them and meeting their parents in order to become adult points of reference for these youngsters.

Published on jeudi 21 mars 2019 00:00

Logo - Aux Captifs La Libération

Solidarity house-sharing from Valgiros in the 15th arrondissement of Paris

Since 2010, the Association Aux Captifs La Libération (For Captives, Liberation) offers a Stabilising Accommodation Centre (CHS) to homeless people. Support in their rehabilitation is provided by both an educational team and by volunteers who live together with the residents. This house-sharing creates an authentic interpersonal relationship that promotes the pathway to socialisation and rebuilding.

Published on mardi 29 janvier 2019 00:00

Logo - J2P (Jaurès Pantin Petit)

The J2P social and cultural centre: giving people in the 19th a voice and the means to act

Since 2006, the residents' association J2P (Jaurès Pantin Petit), has welcomed children, youths and adults in a friendly area in a little Parisian neighbourhood where a wide range of social, artistic and cultural activities are available. Operating according to a collaborative and partnership-based approach, this socio-cultural centre promotes the empowerment of residents and their ability to take hold of local social issues.

Published on mercredi 03 août 2016 00:00

Logo - UDAF 75

Lire et faire lire: develop the joy of reading for children through intergenerational solidarity

“Lire et faire lire” (“Read and help with reading") volunteers try to develop children’s joy of reading and their command of language through weekly reading sessions. This national programme thus promotes intergenerational exchanges; all the volunteers are over 50 years old.

Published on vendredi 10 juin 2016 00:00

Logo - L’Olivier des Sages

The Olivier des Sages K-fés fighting against the isolation of elderly immigrants

Since 2009, the association Olivier des Sages (The Wise Olive Tree) has managed two social Kfés in Villeurbanne and Lyon. These places for socialising promote access to rights and care of older people, particularly those who are vulnerable, insecure and from immigrant backgrounds through: a social venue, cultural outings, intergenerational cookery workshops, breakfasts with health professionals, themed meals, computer courses, French lessons...

Published on lundi 30 mai 2016 00:00

Logo - La bagagerie d’ANTIGEL

The Bagagerie d'Antigel: for dropping off bags and resocialisation

Since 2010, The Bagagerie d'Antigel (The ANTIGEL luggage service) is open every day, morning and night in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, to welcome homeless people who are given a private space to leave their things safely and without any time limit and who can enjoy a moment of conviviality (café, workshops, outings ...). While the centres are managed by volunteers, the support from the facilitator and network of partners allows people to gradually regain their autonomy.

Published on lundi 04 avril 2016 00:00

Logo - Association REFLETS 15

Reflets 15: enliven the lives of young people in the 15th arrondissement of Paris

Since 2014, the association Reflets 15 has organised holiday breaks (Winter and Summer), and sports and cultural activities for children and youths (6-17 years) from any social background which allows them to socialise and discover their city or new environments.

Published on lundi 04 avril 2016 00:00

Logo - Cultures du Coeur Seine-et-Marne

"Bouge ta culture!" promoting access to youth culture in Seine-et-Marne

In 2014 Cultures du Cœur 77 launched a project to promote the cultural awareness of young people in the extracurricular environment.

Published on dimanche 14 février 2016 00:00

Logo - Compagnie du Tire Laine


The Compagnie du Tire-Laine (The Company of Thieves) aims to produce local, popular shows of good quality. Since 2004, this politically engaged Lille art collective has offered Revitalisation through Culture Workshops primarily intended for RSA beneficiaries and/or people looking for jobs.

Published on mercredi 30 décembre 2015 00:00