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By making this objective and qualified information available, RESOLIS intends to contribute to the knowledge base of social and humanitarian action, to encourage work between associations and inspire research projects

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ADUCAF, Defend your rights at the CAF and MSA

Since 2013, the l’Association de Défense des Usagers de la CAF (Association of Defence for CAF Users - ADUCAF) has offered legal support that’s voluntary and free to any user in conflict with their Family Allowance Fund (CAF) or the Agricultural Health Mutual (MSA): legal information, assistance in proceedings ...

Published on lundi 17 septembre 2018 00:00

Logo - Comité de Quartier Fresnoy Mackellerie

The “writer for the public” from the Fresnoy Mackellerie neighbourhood committee in Roubaix

The Fresnoy-Mackellerie neighbourhood committee in Roubaix has run a “writer for the public” project since 2012, which is intended to help any individual with their administrative procedures.

Published on mercredi 05 août 2015 00:00

Logo - ATD Quart Monde

World Day for the Eradication of Poverty by the 17th October Committee in Roubaix

Every year since 1994, the citizenship collective 17th October Committee, has organised a World Day for the Eradication of Poverty with the support of the Roubaix town hall and ATD Quart Monde. This commemorative ceremony in honour of the poor reaffirms the commitment to eradicate poverty, considered to be a breach of human rights.

Published on mercredi 05 août 2015 00:00

Logo - La Solidarité  de Roubaix

Support for Roma families by La Solidarité de Roubaix

The association, La Solidarité de Roubaix, is a welcome centre for immigrant populations. Since 2009, it has monitored and supported Roma families in their administrative procedures and helped them improve their living conditions.

Published on mardi 04 août 2015 00:00


Informal mediation by FILAFIL: facilitating links between families with institutions in Lille

The Lille Association FILAFIL has set up a mediation initiative for the beneficiaries of its activities in order to facilitate access to their rights and to direct them towards institutions.

Published on lundi 03 août 2015 00:00

Logo - Institut Lillois d'Education Permanente (ILEP)

Participation according to the Permanent Integration Forum in Lille

Driven by a political will and publicised by the associative sector and social workers, the Continuous Integration Forum in Lille has put the active participation in public debate of beneficiaries of social benefits at the centre of its actions since 2003.

Published on samedi 06 juin 2015 00:00

Logo - Délégation de Seine-et-Marne de l'Association des Paralysés de France (APF)

"Changing views on Disability”: modules to raise awareness by the Seine-et-Marne delegation of APF

The aim of the actions carried out by the Seine-et-Marne delegation of the Paralysés de France Association (APF) is to change the views that people have on people with disabilities by leading them by example in putting themselves in the position of a disabled person.

Published on jeudi 07 mai 2015 00:00

Logo - Professions Banlieue

Joint training through the intersection of knowledge and practice

In January 2015, the Profession Banlieue resource centre and ATD Quart-Monde have proposed an original joint training programme to professionals and elected officials of Seine-Saint-Denis to acquire the skills that facilitate the participation of people in the region.

Published on mardi 21 avril 2015 00:00

Logo - Initiatives & Changement

Learn to live together better with the Initiatives & Change workshops

Based on the Pedagogy of Children's Rights, the Learn to Living Together Better Workshops from the Initiatives & Change association promote the development of psychosocial skills in children and adolescents, so that the latter can engage as citizens and participate fully in society (Île-de-France).

Published on jeudi 12 février 2015 00:00

Logo - Compagnie Zéotrope

"The Roaring Twenties" a work by artists Zeotrope Theatre Company and residents of Villeurbanne

"Années Folles" ("The Roaring Twenties") is a theatre project orchestrated by the Zeotrope Company. Its distinctive feature is involving the people of Cyprian les Brosses, a neighbourhood in Villeurbanne which has a large immigrant population, from the conception of the project to its realisation with a view to creating links between them.

Published on lundi 05 janvier 2015 00:00