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Logo - Groupe CRESUS (association, fondation)

Help to get out of over-indebtedness thanks to personalise help.

The councillors of the CRESUS association which accompanies indebted people step by step by suggesting budgets and solutions such as rescheduling their debts, in order to avoid social exclusion and becoming stuck in situations of long term indebtedness.

Published on jeudi 13 octobre 2016 00:00

Logo - Afile77

Couv'emploi: a solidarity device for testing and learning about entrepreneurship in Ile de France

Since 1999, the Afile 77 association has organised a business incubator in Seine-et-Marne in which it supports and trains job seekers or recipients of the social security minimum in creating their TPE (very small business).

Published on lundi 11 avril 2016 00:00

Logo - OZANAM Services

Integration through economic activity according to Ozanam services

Since 1988 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Ozanam services, a kind of solidarity employment agency, has supported the socio-professional reintegration of people far removed from employment. This intermediary association offers them one off and regular jobs (maintenance of premises, minor renovation work, warehouse, personal services ...) as well as personalised support.

Published on lundi 04 avril 2016 00:00

Logo - Restos du Coeur

From the Garden to the Restaurants of the Heart: a springboard initiative for employment integration

Since 2005, the Jardin d'Insertion in Villeneuve d'Ascq (town of Lille) has managed an integration project, based on market gardening activities, whose production is collected as food aid for Restos du Coeur (Restaurants of the Heart).

Published on mercredi 05 août 2015 00:00

Logo - Auto Solidaire

The Solidarity Car Garage in Roubaix

Since 2005, the Auto Solidaire association has offered solutions to mobility, such as car rentals at a reduced rate, but also socio-professional coaching and mobility.

Published on mardi 04 août 2015 00:00

Logo - Sport dans la Ville

"Entrepreneurs in the City"

Created by "Sport in the City" association and EMLYON Business School, "Entrepreneurs in the City" is a program dedicated to young people from disadvantaged areas, had the idea for creating a business and wanted to give it substance through a structured, supported program.

Published on mercredi 01 juillet 2015 00:00

Logo - Baluchon  - A table citoyens

Baluchon, a collective adventure around the pleasures of eating and living well together

"Baluchon (A bundle of belongings) - citizens coming to the table!" is a social enterprise of social utility, which offers people who are excluded from the employment market to reclaim their economic and social life through the preparation of small meals together and innovative services.

Published on mardi 16 juin 2015 00:00

Logo - Confluences

The Confluence association: employment integration projects through gardening

The Confluence association is an association of employment integration projects created in 2011 from the desire to direct people who have major employability problems towards finding lasting employment. Since its creation, a multidisciplinary team has supported 16 people on two integration projects.

Published on mardi 16 juin 2015 00:00

Logo - Emmaüs Connect

Connexions Solidaires: digital technology in the service of integration

Connexions Solidaires is an initiative by Emmaus Connect that has operated in Lille since 2013 which uses digital technology as an integration lever.

Published on samedi 06 juin 2015 00:00


The solidarity changing room by the EPHATHA association in Lille

To ensure its financial autonomy, the EPHATA association has developed a changing room business. It is more of a clothes shop that allows everyone to dress themselves for little cost.

Published on vendredi 05 juin 2015 00:00