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Logo - La Rose des Vents

La Rose des Vents Collective workshops for Support with Housing (Seine-et-Marne)

La Rose des Vents, in addition to the individual support of the AVDL apparatus (Support with Housing), organise group workshops on the theme of "knowing how to live" to create a link and complete the individual support.

Published on vendredi 12 octobre 2018 00:00



Mushroom growing technology is specific as it can be based on the different waste materials available in the close surrounding of the producer. EKOFUNGI developed its own innovative low cost investment approach (hardware and technology) which creates opportunity for founding and running sustainable business under different conditions.

Published on lundi 16 janvier 2017 00:00

Logo - J2P (Jaurès Pantin Petit)

The Garden of Little Passages: a tool for social cohesion and environmental awareness

Since 2007, the social and cultural centre J2P (Jaurès Pantin Petit) has managed one of 17 community gardens in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. This collective garden is designed, maintained and managed by people of all ages who organise various activities to promote good quality food, in partnership with the Alinéa association. It is also the key link with other community gardens in the arrondissement via the Jardizneuf collective as well as the association AMAP Ourcq.

Published on jeudi 04 août 2016 00:00

Logo - J2P (Jaurès Pantin Petit)

The J2P social and cultural centre: giving people in the 19th a voice and the means to act

Since 2006, the residents' association J2P (Jaurès Pantin Petit), has welcomed children, youths and adults in a friendly area in a little Parisian neighbourhood where a wide range of social, artistic and cultural activities are available. Operating according to a collaborative and partnership-based approach, this socio-cultural centre promotes the empowerment of residents and their ability to take hold of local social issues.

Published on mercredi 03 août 2016 00:00

Logo - UDAF 75

Lire et faire lire: develop the joy of reading for children through intergenerational solidarity

“Lire et faire lire” (“Read and help with reading") volunteers try to develop children’s joy of reading and their command of language through weekly reading sessions. This national programme thus promotes intergenerational exchanges; all the volunteers are over 50 years old.

Published on vendredi 10 juin 2016 00:00

Logo - Association REFLETS 15

Reflets 15: enliven the lives of young people in the 15th arrondissement of Paris

Since 2014, the association Reflets 15 has organised holiday breaks (Winter and Summer), and sports and cultural activities for children and youths (6-17 years) from any social background which allows them to socialise and discover their city or new environments.

Published on lundi 04 avril 2016 00:00

Logo - Cultures du Coeur Seine-et-Marne

"Bouge ta culture!" promoting access to youth culture in Seine-et-Marne

In 2014 Cultures du Cœur 77 launched a project to promote the cultural awareness of young people in the extracurricular environment.

Published on dimanche 14 février 2016 00:00

Logo - Fasol (Fabriquons la Solidarité)

Fasol activities: inclusion and personal revitalisation in the form of games

Since 2010, Fasol has offered ready to use activities with educational, social or therapeutic purposes throughout Ile de France. Their team create games from recycled wood that serve as mediation tools in 4 areas of intervention (business/seniors, disability, health/social & youth/events).

Published on dimanche 14 février 2016 00:00

Logo - Le Rocheton

The "Relais CNED au collège" project to support the education of traveller children.

Since late 2013, the association Rocheton has coordinated multiple actions to encourage the education and academic success of young people living on CUCS welcome areas in Melun Val de Seine and Sénart (Seine-et-Marne).

Published on vendredi 12 février 2016 00:00

Logo - Institut de Chimie,  UNRJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)


This programme set up guided visits at the National Museum for pupils in state schools in Rio de Janeiro. The main objective was to create access to heritage, culture and education in an informal environment for a section of the population that lives in marginal areas without cultural amenities.

Published on vendredi 11 décembre 2015 00:00