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Logo - PACT du Rhône

"Energy and insecurity in Rhône": an experimental operation successfully made permanent

Launched in 2007 in the Rhône department at the initiative of Rhône PACT and the Energy Information Space HESPUL, the "Energy and insecurity in Rhône" experiment to fight against energy poverty has obtained very good results (highlighted by a voluntary evaluation process) in terms of improving household comfort and energy savings. Now made permanent, it is spread throughout the region by local authorities.

Published on lundi 11 mai 2015 00:00

Logo - Héliose

The ACSEE operation: Climate & Energy Environment Ambassador

ACSEE is a set of socio-economic and health support measures for households in fuel poverty, lead in Saint-Etienne by the Association HELIOSE.

Published on mercredi 29 avril 2015 00:00

Logo - Institut négaWatt

Dorémi: thermal renovation tool at the service of communities

The Operational Energy Renovation Measures of Individual Homes led by the négaWatt Institute consists of training craftsmen in low energy consumption technical renovation and to support them on concrete projects. It steers the artisans to make up a skills group so that they are able to make home-owners an offer of efficient renovation at a reasonable price.

Published on lundi 16 mars 2015 00:00

Logo - Fondation Abbé Pierre

Abbé Pierre Foundation's micro credit

To enable households who are excluded from the banking to system to be able to take out a loan to finance improvements to their property, the Abbé Pierre Foundation (FAP) has acted as a guarantor with Caisse d'Epargne.

Published on lundi 16 mars 2015 00:00

Logo - SoliNergy

SoliNergy: to encourage support and training for eco-friendly actions

SoliNergy is a charity that finances projects that fight against energy poverty, focusing on supporting households rather than intervening on the building. In order to encourage evaluation, a good practice guide will be written through feedback from the fifteen projects funded.

Published on lundi 16 mars 2015 00:00

Logo - Mairie de Montreuil, mission saturnisme

Lead Poisoining Project in Montreuil: To study the link between health and fuel poverty

The Montreuil Lead Poisoning Project has been created to prevent health risks related to lead in some housing. For the last few years, the extent of fuel poverty and its consequences for people's health have also been treated.

Published on lundi 16 mars 2015 00:00

Logo - IDEMU - Croix Rouge Insertion

The ACHIEVE project in France: home visits as a tool in the fight against energy poverty

ACHIEVE is a European experiment to fight against energy poverty whose objective is to compare good practice in Europe and assess the impact of home visits. CLER coordinated all the European partners in the project and the Red Cross integration-IDEMU rolled out the project across the experimentation area (Plaine Commune).

Published on lundi 16 mars 2015 00:00

Logo - Association ALISEE

Acting within a network against energy poverty: the example of Angers CCAS and Alisée Association

In order to have a clearer strategy in the fight against energy poverty in the Angers region, the Alisée association and the CCAS in the city have created and organised an informal network bringing together all the organisations in contact with the public in energy poverty.

Published on lundi 16 mars 2015 00:00

Logo - Héliose

PARTAGE: DIY Thermal Renovation Program with a Group of Eco-citizens

The PARTAGE (SHARE) project (DIY Thermal Renovation program with a Group of Eco-citizens) is experimenting in the Loire by involving households in renovation work on their own homes in order to assess whether it can be a positive lever in the fight against fuel poverty.

Published on jeudi 05 février 2015 00:00

Logo - Polénergie

An experimental approach to supported DIY renovation (ARA)

This experiment, lead by Polénergie, enables its beneficiaries to do a part of their energy efficiency improvements themselves while benefiting from the different financial aid available, including the Habiter Mieux (Live Better) program and the tax credit, normally reserved for work carried out entirely by professionals.

Published on mardi 23 décembre 2014 00:00