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Logo - La Rose des Vents

Experiment to support the housing of people in illegal camps and slums by La Rose des Vents

La Rose des Vents (Rose of the Winds) proposes an experimental support project for people in illegal settlements and slums in order to guarantee conditions for the decent sheltering of families displaced by the evacuations of camps.

Published on vendredi 12 octobre 2018 00:00

Logo - Direction Santé / Unité Ville et Santé de la Ville de Saint Denis

Access to care and health rights in Saint-Denis though its city PASS

Since 2014, the town of Saint-Denis has experimented by setting up an outpatient healthcare access point in two municipal health centres: the city PASS. This measure enables access to care and health rights for the poorest people and those who have delayed or given up on receiving care due to a lack of financial resources. The PASS reduces health inequalities and plays a preventative role.

Published on mercredi 10 octobre 2018 00:00

Logo - Estrelia – Centre Horizons

Supporting parents with problems of addiction by Estrelia - The Horizons Centre

A centre for the care, treatment and prevention of addiction, Estrelia supports people, especially women, suffering from addictions who are pregnant or already are parents by either going to them or sometimes via accommodation thanks to specialised personnel.

Published on lundi 17 septembre 2018 00:00

Logo - L’Olivier des Sages

The Olivier des Sages K-fés fighting against the isolation of elderly immigrants

Since 2009, the association Olivier des Sages (The Wise Olive Tree) has managed two social Kfés in Villeurbanne and Lyon. These places for socialising promote access to rights and care of older people, particularly those who are vulnerable, insecure and from immigrant backgrounds through: a social venue, cultural outings, intergenerational cookery workshops, breakfasts with health professionals, themed meals, computer courses, French lessons...

Published on lundi 30 mai 2016 00:00

Logo - Association Tournesol

The Tournesol establishment: to educate and support different young people towards employment

Since 2011 the Tournesol (Sunflower) school, situated in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, welcomes 30 young people who show problems with cognitive or mental functions and offers them personalised pedagogy and an environment that's adapted to their needs. From November 2015, the association will support these young people towards employment.

Published on lundi 07 septembre 2015 00:00

Logo - Le Cartable Fantastique

Le Cartable Fantastique: digital resources for more inclusive education in school.

In order to facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities in school, but especially dyspraxia, the association "Le Cartable Fantastique" ("The Fantastic Schoolbag") has developed digital resources for children, teachers and families that are made by science and child experts through interaction with the users.

Published on mercredi 02 septembre 2015 00:00

Logo - Ecole à l'hôpital

Ecole à l'hôpital: when teaching is part of healing

The "Ecole à l'hôpital" association (School at the Hospital) offers individual lessons at the hospital and at home for young patients aged between 5-25 years in Île-de-France.

Published on mardi 30 juin 2015 00:00

Logo - Réseau Santé Solidarité Lille Métropole

The "Intervisions Santé Précarité" project by Réseau Santé Solidarité in Lille Metropole

Since 2006, the "Intervisions Santé Précarité" project (Precarious Health Intervisions) has aimed to improve the treatment of an excluded and precarious public in the Lille region. Medical and social coordination is organised as part of a space for expression, consultation and co-decision making, which brings together multidisciplinary professionals around complex situations.

Published on vendredi 05 juin 2015 00:00

Logo - Relations d'Utilité Publique

The Marjolaine Prize for Women 2014

The 2nd edition of the Marjolaine Prize for Women organised in 2014 at the Marjolaine exposition by Spas, the WECF France association, the Relations Agency for Public Utility and the Resolis association, has rewarded women for their exemplary work in the fields of agriculture, ecological food supply and solidarity in France and in developing countries.

Published on lundi 18 mai 2015 00:00

Logo - Héliose

The ACSEE operation: Climate & Energy Environment Ambassador

ACSEE is a set of socio-economic and health support measures for households in fuel poverty, lead in Saint-Etienne by the Association HELIOSE.

Published on mercredi 29 avril 2015 00:00