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ENTREPOTE, an alternative that's between being associative and economic

Summary : ENTREPOTE aims to promote, disseminate and develop alternatives such as the social and solidarity economy, ecology, local consummation, culture, art, multimedia, countryside productions, live shows, conferences, debates and crafts through the development of a cooperative and associative network.

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  • Start date : March 6, 2006
  • Implementation site : 99 rue de Clermont and 1 bis rue nods (shared garden)
  • Budget : N/A
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Editorial committee

  • Date of proofreading :  05/09/2014 00:00
Opinion of the Committee : Source of inspiration !
Solution(s) : Job
Country :  France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Stature of the programme :  Local
Participant :  Association, ONG
  • Beneficiaries :  Urban population, Rural population
  • Domain :  Health, Environment, Cooperation

Reports collected as part of the RESOLIS programme « Poverty France » (St Marcel de Félines (Loire))

Copyright: Licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 ( )
To reference a document published by RESOLIS : Richagneux Didier , « ENTREPOTE, an alternative that's between being associative and economic », **Journal RESOLIS** (2014)

Background to the programme

ENTREPOTE (Equitable Enterprise for Farmers, Labourers and Workers) was born from the will to fight against the method of global agricultural production with no transparency on the quality of its products, and whose modes of transport, packaging and various chemical treatments are not without consequences for the environment and humans.

EntrePOTE aims, beyond ideology and dogma, to implement practices which respect the individuals and the environment, with a spirit that's open to the world and alternative possibilities.

Objectives of the programme

Promotion and development of an economic, cooperative, social, cultural and ecological model based on trust, autonomy and self-management

Implemented actions

- Opening a premises of 120m² in 2007 which includes an associative bar and a grocery.

- Premises made available for different activities: art exhibitions, place of exchange, theatre workshops, cooking, music and conferences, all activities related with the Entrepote project and its charter.

- Establishment of a buying group, an AMAP and a kitchen that can provide catering services.

- Shared garden of 12 600 m² (36 plots)

- Garden plot manager (area 2500 m²)

- Display information on various subjects

Quantitative and qualitative results from the implemented actions

- The meeting place has contributed to the completion of the Sawmill in Ambierle (shared workshops) in 2010.

- Association is well established locally in the department of the Loire and Rhone Alps.

- Creation and management of a shared garden of 12,600 m² in Roanne: a year of work that has given work to various craftsmen and led to the creation of Contract d'Avenir (Contract for the Future) type jobs for 1 year.

- The produce from the garden supplies the associative grocery as well as culinary services. It is also an educational tool for schools and visitors.

- Associative grocery and purchasing group give work to local producers.

- The associative bar represents a meeting place and is a creator of social links.

Original characteristics

Diversity in its program

Trail blazer in the Roanne area and expansion of EHS since 2006.

Unifying, implementation of local consumption, social ties, social and cultural diversity.

Partnership(s) developed in the context of the programme

Local, Public and Private Organisations

Pollen (Local Branch for a New Social Solidarity Economy), Cultural Service for Cities in Riorges and Roanne (culinary services with local and organic products, theatre and Mardis du Grand Marais, neighborhood parties, Greater Roanne, etc.)

SNC (New Solidarity Face of Unemployment).

Network of associative bars (Agreement between associative bars in Roanne region).

La Scierie (shared workshops in Ambierle) more diverse artisans and local producers.


Difficulties and/or obstacles encountered during the programme’s implementation :

The lack of resources impedes the progress of certain projects.

Solutions used to overcome the difficulties and/or obstacles :

- Call for members to have a rolling fund for grocery orders, educate members.

- Create synergy through the network

- Appeal to authorities

Suggestions for future improvement :

- Secure the future of the gardener, cook and management secretary.

- Develop other projects and opportunities within the Entrepote charter.

- To employ people to have stability in the proceedings.

Summary of factors responsible for the programme’s success :

Keep it simple, do things in their own time and in the right order.

Motivation and be convinced of what we are doing, stay motivated "with guts but not too much ego."

Ideas for basic or applied research topics, that could be useful to the programme :



Platform to promote the distribution of local products (low food-miles)

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