Family farming takes pride of place in the ad hoc Resolis Observatory

Summary : The Resolis Association was designated by the French Committee for monitoring the International Year of Family Farming (AIAF) to centralise and enhance the French initiatives launched during the year. Therefore they have created an ad hoc Observatory.

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  • Start date : 2014
  • Implementation site : Paris
  • Budget : 30000 €
  • Source and details on funding : Fondation de France




Editorial committee

  • Date of proofreading :  29/07/2015 00:00
Opinion of the Committee : Source of inspiration !
Solution(s) : Coordination of actions Environment Farming and food
Country :  France, Île-de-France
Stature of the programme :  National, International
Participant :  Association, ONG
  • Beneficiaries :  Professionals, Companies, Farmers
  • Domain :  Environment, Climate change, Food, Farming

Reports collected as part of the RESOLIS programme « Reponsible and Sustainable Food »

Copyright: Licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ )
To reference a document published by RESOLIS : Rouillé d'Orfeuil Henri , « Family farming takes pride of place in the ad hoc Resolis Observatory », **Journal RESOLIS** (2015)

Background to the programme

The Resolis association, founded in 2010 by Philippe Kourilsky (Emeritus Professor at Collège de France), identifies, evaluates and promotes innovations and best practices in the field that contribute to social progress.

The UN General Assembly announced 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming (AIAF). Resolis has been designated by the French Monitoring Committee of AIAF's to centralise and enhance the French initiatives launched during this year.

Objectives of the programme

- Centralise the French initiatives on the occasion of the AIAF in a free to access online database to facilitate the communication of information related to the AIAF and to supply a platform for exchanges

- Encourage actors to capitalise on and pool the lessons learnt from their events and/or programs so that the sum of all these initiatives have an impact and are accessible to all

- To influence the reform of food production systems

Implemented actions

- Establishment of an ad hoc Observatory for French initiatives from AIAF (http://aiaf.resolis.org) which allows them to be searched in the following ways:

* A map: the initiatives are geo-located

* A calendar: all the one-off events are displayed in a monthly agenda

* A database: search engine operated by keywords (date, place, theme, type of event or actors)

* A list of recommendations

* A list of actors involved

- Publicity activities (mainly email campaigns, newsletters and social media)

- Participation in various events including the closing of the AIAF organised at the Ministry of Agriculture January 26th 2015 during which the list of identified initiatives was delivered to the Minister of Agriculture and the Secretary of State in charge of Development and Francophone countries.

Quantitative and qualitative results from the implemented actions

- The Observatory has received the official label of the AIAF

- 104 initiatives identified in the form of 2 page descriptive forms.

- 73 actors identified

- 10 actors have issued recommendations and 13 have reported their results

- Consultation of the website (hosted by the Resolis website) between the launch of the site (April 2014) and the closing of AIAF, 6,142 unique visitors and almost 40,000 pages open.

- More than 100 tweets published by the Resolis1 account

- Collection of 104 initiatives published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture

- Information on the Observatory published on 12 websites (including France Inter, Alimenterre, United Cities France ...)

Original characteristics

The fact that the United Nations has designated 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming has thrown the light on family farming and many initiatives were launched. They are fairly dispersed; the ad hoc Observatory created by Resolis brought together these actions and gathered stakeholders. It showed the high level of involvement of these actors and the interest in this notion of family farming. The consultation enabled the creation of a report submitted 29th January 2015 to the ministers concerned by AIAF. Lastly, the observatory keeps track of these 104 events.

Partnership(s) developed in the context of the programme

The 9 members of the French Monitoring Committee of the International Year of Family Farming: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the Ministry of agriculture, food production and forestry, the French Development Agency, CIRAD, the Regional Council of Brittany, AFDI - JA, Confédération Paysanne, AVSF and the Fondation de France


Difficulties and/or obstacles encountered during the programme’s implementation :

- Supply and updating of the Observatory: the actors do not spontaneously communicate their information, especially their results

- The "comments & discussions" space was expected to make this platform interactive but hasn't been much used. Its management would have required human resources which weren't available.

Solutions used to overcome the difficulties and/or obstacles :

- Monitoring and canvassing activity

- Numerous reminders

Suggestions for future improvement :

- Make the observatory more visible

- Continue to promote and showcase the initiatives in terms of family farming even if the International Year is over.

Summary of factors responsible for the programme’s success :

- The partnership with the French Monitoring Committee of AIAF allowed us to become aware of many events and to be in contact with major players

- The Observatory is a free, open access database, an essential element for high levels of regular uses.

To know more

This initiative is part of the "sustainable and responsible food production " program. Resolis has initiated work to capitalise on the initiatives of actors in Sustainable and Responsible Food Production in France. It aims at reducing the social, environm

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