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La Rose des Vents Collective workshops for Support with Housing (Seine-et-Marne)

Summary : La Rose des Vents, in addition to the individual support of the AVDL apparatus (Support with Housing), organise group workshops on the theme of "knowing how to live" to create a link and complete the individual support.

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  • Start date : April 2014
  • Implementation site : Seine et Marne
  • Budget : 120000 €
  • Source and details on funding : State


  • La Rose des Vents
  • 400 Chemin de Crécy
  • 77100 Mareuil-lès-Meaux
  • Employees : 350
  • Volunteers : 0


Editorial committee

  • Date of proofreading :  12/10/2018 00:00
Solution(s) : Coordination of actions Education Housing
Country :  France, Île-de-France
Stature of the programme :  Local
Participant :  Association, ONG
  • Beneficiaries : 
  • Domain :  Housing

Copyright: Licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ )
To reference a document published by RESOLIS : Ventura Priscille , « La Rose des Vents Collective workshops for Support with Housing (Seine-et-Marne) », **Journal RESOLIS** (2018)

Background to the programme

Collective actions are the subject of a project that’s part of the AVDL apparatus experiment (Support with Housing) for people who aren’t eligible for the Droit Au Logement Opposable. (Right To Housing). They take the form of thematic workshops and are a dynamic and complementary support to AVDL.

AVDL is a support aid, provided over a specified period, in a household who encounter problems maintaining a house or access to housing because of financial difficulties, social integration difficulties or a combination of both. This aid consists of individualised support in two phases: a diagnosis of the situation of the people helped and support to enable the household to access housing and be able to manage it independently. But the subjects linked to "knowing how to live" concern the majority of the households supported. It is therefore useful to organise, in addition to the personalised support, time for collective training on multidisciplinary issues. In parallel to the objective of efficiency, the collective dimension allows other expectations to be met, including the creation of social links, the setting up of a participatory approach for households and, work in partnership and in networks to develop individuals’ know-how.

Objectives of the programme

- Promote autonomy among households by supporting behavioural changes over time

- Provide a complement to individual support. Promote a participatory approach for households in relation to their personal project or their difficulties

- Create social ties

Implemented actions

- Offer workshops: Cuisine "How to cook a balanced meal in the microwave," Budget (in partnership with the Association Finances et Pédagogie), "Sorting documents", "Rights and obligations of the tenant" (in partnership with ADIL ), "Know how to live", "Insurance of goods and persons" (in partnership with the Association Finances et Pédagogie), "Jobs / Housing" (in partnership with the National information Centre on the Rights of Women and Families )

- An information meeting to implement actions with the public programs throughout the year.

- The workshops are led by the facilitator of the collective action, accompanied by an AVDL representative

- On average, 2 to 8 people per workshop

- Some workshops take place on the premises of the Association, others take place on sites reserved by partners.

Quantitative and qualitative results from the implemented actions

- Profile of the public: in situations of great difficulty or exclusion. Each operating year, 108 households are concerned but not all participate.

- At the end of each workshop, a satisfaction questionnaire was distributed to participants (see annex) >> Overall, the participants are satisfied with their participation. They come mainly to seek advice, information and autonomy.

- Multimedia, such as binders for classifying documents containing a summary document of the time, are more popular than the theoretical supports.

- Originally, the ADVL device did not provide this type of activity, which had however been validated. This shows a sign of confidence in the actions carried out by La Rose des Vents.

Original characteristics

This program uses an original AVDL method. It was accepted following a project presented by La Rose des Vents as the Region had reported an outstanding final balance in late 2013. It is the only AVDL operator in Île-de-France who presented and obtained such a project.

> The use of board games: "I house m’self" and a game of 7 families

> It implements "different support" for households which allows the reality of the tenant to be considered.

Partnership(s) developed in the context of the programme

3 categories:

- The organisations that make premises available for our collective actions: the welcome day by La Rose des Vents, the social center of Louis Aragon de Meaux, the Town hall of Torcy, the Recyclerie La Rose des Vents in Vaux-le- Pénil, the social centre Les Airelles Roissy en Brie

- Outside participants who are directly involved in the actions. The organisations that provide teaching or information materials: The discovery kiosk in the town of Meaux, ADIL, the OPH 77, Finances et pédagogie, the network of Food Banks, Restaurants du Cœur, the CIDFF.

- The partners bring their specific skills to the facilitator of the collective action. They complete the action.


Difficulties and/or obstacles encountered during the programme’s implementation :

The difficulty for families in adapting their professional constraints to the workshop schedule

Solutions used to overcome the difficulties and/or obstacles :

Setting up workshops on some Saturdays.

Suggestions for future improvement :

- Continue adapting the hours of the workshops

- Continue the surveys to allow the adjustment of some workshops to the problems reported

Summary of factors responsible for the programme’s success :

- Differences in the level of information according to the household

- Adjustment of the time of individual interviews according to the household’s personal difficulties. The collective actions take into account the difficulties of families in a way that’s more suited to certain profiles.

- The smaller the group, the greater the participation in the workshops.

- Dynamism, investment, engagement of partnerships and the network.

- It has a certain capacity for autonomy.

- Know how to live - Understanding rent, are concepts that seem old fashioned but now require the serious involvement of social actors to achieve the objectives of the AVDL apparatus.

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