Energy Poverty

According to the official French definition: "A person is in a situation of energy poverty if they experience specific difficulties in energy supply to satisfy basic needs in their home due to the inadequacy of resources or living conditions."* Growing strongly for several years, fuel poverty concerns 5.1 million households in France or 11.5 million people (about 20% of the total population) **. *Grenelle 2 Law 2010-788 of 12th July 2010 - Article 11, paragraph 4 ** Key figures of fuel poverty - Issue 1 - April 2015 - National Observatory of Energy Insecurity


Beginning in September 2013, the programme directed by Resolis aims to locate, identify and evaluate initiatives lead by local players, focusing on raising awareness of good energy use, prevention and the support of people living in fuel poverty. This approach in the field highlights innovative actions that could lead to widespread use on a larger scale. It also brings out useful ways of thinking to test new models in the fight against fuel poverty.

Completed actions

A mixed committee composed of representatives from EDF and Resolis members was put in place to pilot the programme. Resolis conducted work looking across the entire French territory and contacted many actors working in the field of energy poverty to gather their feedback and results obtained on the ground. The information collected has been transcribed in the form of published reports in the Resolis Observatory. The actors involved were then invited by Resolis to attend a meeting in the presence of representatives of EDF. During the meeting, the actors in the field were able to present their work to their peers and representatives of EDF, create links, discuss common challenges and solutions, be inspired by the best practices and know-how of each other. EDF had the opportunity to learn best practices set up on the local level, to meet new organisations, benefit from a panoramic view of the realities on the ground, discover new ideas, consider the most relevant projects with the potential to become widespread or replicated. Three initiatives were selected to be studied in depth due to their topic still being little discussed.


- More than 80 initiatives have been listed in the Resolis Observatory - 13 actors in the field participated in the meeting - Capitalising on the information gathered by Resolis helped to highlight: * innovative actions that tackle a problem that’s currently rarely dealt with * actions already known but little used * "classic" actions but with a variation or an operating procedure that arouses strong public interest * "thorn in the side" actions, useful to anticipate a problem A certain number of lessons could be drawn from a preliminary analysis of information collected, in particular on the challenges and key factors for success in setting up an effective project to fight against fuel poverty.