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The association RESOLIS seeks to identify, evaluate and highlight innovative field actions that promote social progress.

Philippe Kourilsky

Philippe Kourilsky

Founder and President of Resolis - Professor Emeritus at the Collège de France

“RESOLIS was established on the idea that knowledge can be used to promote social progress.

Field actions with a social goal are generous, and many are innovative, but knowledge and good practices are not shared nor structured adequately. This undermines the effectiveness and visibility of these actions.
RESOLIS wants to create an “action field science” by applying the golden rule of science:  the systematic capitalization of knowledge - thanks to the peer-reviewed publication of results.

This would allow the field workers to receive better recognition, and their actions to have a larger impact.”


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Contribute to social progress by the capitalization and sharing of field knowledge.

This is the principle that led Philippe Kourilsky, Emeritus Professor at the Collège de France, to found Resolis (nonprofit organization) in 2010. The shares of land in the area of solidarity are too often ignored as they can be sources real social innovations. Resolis has developed screening tools, assessment and valorisation of local best practices and their authors. Based on these tools, Resolis currently conducting the following programs:

Schéma de représentation des pôles du laboratoire et de l'observatoire

The laboratory researches and defines as part of it's ethical reflections innovative initiatives to solve the social problems of our time. Members of Resolis use their skills and experience to design effective programs. The laboratory's actions are to be shared during seminars and public meetings

The RESOLIS JOURNAL publishes the results of innovative field actions after peer review and comments on their ability to be expanded. It is a platform for expression that is aimed at stakeholders in social action in France and abroad

The OBSERVATORY identifies and capitalises on innovative field actions and detailed feedback from the operators. After validation of a scientific nature, this information is published in the form of summary reports in its free access database of initiatives

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